quarta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2010

How it started

I'm going to say how I got into this mess.
I was just a stupid boy looking for creepy stuff on net, like the holder series and some other creepypastas, and then I found Him.
When I first stared at the picture, I was like "wtf?"
I looked for Him on the web and found some strange shit, and some sort of dejá vu came to me.
3 days after that I was coming back from school on the bus when I looked on the window.
I still remember the feeling.
He was on the street, just looking at me (yeah, he have no eyes but... yeah).
I got home, looked on my window, there he was.
It was like that for 5 days.
Then I found M blog.
He told me to run.
It worked.
So I left the town and here I am!
On a roof, with a laptop, shitty wireless net, and freezing.
But i'm still alive.
Thanks M.

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